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Tips to Have Your Car Road Trip Ready! 

With summer well underway, plenty of road trips are in order. There’s nothing worse than unforeseen challenges with your vehicle before or during your journey. Here are a few things to check before heading out on the open road! 

  1. Check your tires

First and foremost, if you live in a cooler climate make sure those winter tires are long changed over! Walk around and inspect each tire for nails, gashes, and tread. You can measure your tread using the quarter test! Insert a quarter (heads down) into the grooves, if you can see the top of Washington’s head, it’s time for some new tires! 

  1. Test the A/C

Especially in the midst of summer, no one wants to get caught driving without the luxury of cool comfort. Test the air conditioning to make sure it’s working at all levels and temperatures. While you’re at it, give those vents a good cleaning!

  1. Check Oil, Coolant, Fluid, and Fill Up! 

It’s always a great idea to make sure everything in your car is topped up. Nobody wants to get stuck in a muddy storm without washer fluid, so make sure it’s full. Typically, the first stretch of the journey can be the longest, so get started with a full tank of gas! 

  1. Map Out the Best Route

Gas prices are at an all-time high, do what you can to keep the money in your pocket rather than the gas tank! With all of the different map apps available, it’s easy to find the quickest route, but it’s not always the most scenic or shortest in miles. Decide what you want to see on your journey, and if time or miles are more important for your car and road-trippers!

  1. Make a Playlist/Download Some Entertainment

Although the passengers may have technology to entertain them, the driver still needs something! Find or make an uplifting playlist that can make the journey more enjoyable (and keep the driver awake!) For your little (or big) passengers, have some road trip games, trivia, or movies downloaded to keep the backseat fighting at bay! 

  1. Snacks, Snacks, and More Snacks

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you’re loaded up with nourishing food to keep up energy levels. But remember, only carry as much liquid as you’re willing to stop for restroom breaks! 

  1. Enjoy, and Take in the Scenery

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the destination, but never forget about the journey!