Foundation Automotive Team

Samantha Wright

Director, Finance
As the Finance Director for Foundation Automotive, Samantha’s role involves extensive financial modeling used as a basis for investment review. She conducts in depth analysis on historical financials and develop individualized projections for each acquisition based on the unique market, manufacturer, and specific upside opportunity. Samantha is involved with all aspects of acquisition process including tracking and modelling capital structure for efficient deal funding, executing materials for both debt and equity capital growth, conducting due diligence, completing manufacturer applications, and general closing processes.  
Samantha joined Foundation Automotive in its infancy in 2017 after graduating from Mount Royal University Bachelor of Business program with a concentration in Financial Analysis.

“Here at Foundation I always feel like I’m super supported. Whenever I’m having doubts or not feeling great about something, there’s really easy access to the team. Working as a team we make sure everything goes smooth and we’re all in it together- win or lose. No one person takes a hit.”

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