Foundation Automotive Team

Michelle Picciotti

Accounting Manager
She is 22 years strong in the automotive business with her experiences at Penske Automotive managing their Houston accounting office, formerly Goodson Auto Group.  Michelle’s love for numbers and assisting others began with her education at University of Houston and a lifetime full of dedication to and from her family.
Michelle Smiling Headshot Image

“After being laid off from my job of 22+ years due to the office I worked for being relocated to another city, I joined the Foundation Automotive team. The use of the word team is an understatement, because it truly is a family atmosphere. I was concerned that being with my previous job for so long I would not find that type of environment again, but I definitely did. I don’t know if family atmosphere is just a characteristic of the automotive industry (I always hear that it’s a small world) but I feel completely blessed to have ended up with Foundation Automotive.”