Foundation Automotive Team

Kevin Kutschinski

President & CEO
Kevin’s passion for automotive started with ownership of a series of successful dealerships, including his first General Motors dealership in Northern British Columbia. Kevin learned the importance of being community-focused to enable his dealership’s success in small communities.
Kevin’s sharp business acumen means he recognizes the impact each detail has on a business’ success. From a small line item sale or a simple repair to multiple vehicle purchases, each component plays a vital role in the larger picture. Kevin empowers every department to make immediate, thoughtful improvements through meticulous daily analysis of each of these customer touch-points. His quick and detailed response is the cornerstone to operating the business, and the reason customers continued to return. As a result, Kevin’s General Motors store in Dawson Creek earned a place as the number one dealer, in the number one Dealership Performance 20 Group in North America, with Performance Incorporated. Kevin has been the recipient multiple Triple Crown Awards as well as a Circle of Excellence winner.
Kevin is a successful entrepreneur – with expertise in investment banking, oil and gas, and property development. To this day, he is committed to the same approach he perfected in Dawson Creek – to be community-focused; and, through daily analysis and returned sales processes, deliver best-in-class customer experiences.
Kevin is extremely active in the western Canadian business community; and, brings a wealth of significant regional and local relationships to this opportunity.
Kevin Kutschinski Smiling Headshot Image

“I was in the car business for 25 years prior and loved the auto sector. I loved the interaction with customers, the camaraderie and family environment that we created at the dealership level. I just really missed the space. It was always exciting. You’re either closing a big car sale, looking after someone's needs in the service department, or socializing with your team/family."