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Tara McCool

Chief Culture Officer
As Chief Culture Officer, Tara focuses on evolving the employee experience across Foundation, which ultimately feeds into the customer experience.
Tara began her career in broadcasting & journalism and transitioned over 20 years later to a corporate job, working her way to an executive role leading HR and Communications at an oil company.
After 10 years of coaching leaders and employees through many challenging situations, including a steep growth trajectory, commodity market crashes, mass layoffs, cutbacks and an attempted hostile takeover, Tara decided to focus solely on leadership awareness with her own consulting company. She saw how many people were promoted to leadership roles for their technical skills, without any training on how to lead people. They had great intentions and needed awareness and guidance to help their teams succeed.
When Tara got a call from Foundation’s CEO, Kevin Kutschinski, she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The founder of a growing automotive company understood the importance of employee experience and organizational culture? She saw it as a no-brainer – she had to take the job.

“It’s so important to look closely at the job description and make sure you are matching your skills accordingly. It’s not always the candidates with the most experience in the industry we hire. Take the skills you’ve gained from prior positions and make that applicable for the job you’re applying for and why you’d excel in that role.”

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