Foundation Automotive Team

Sonia Sundani

Executive Assistant
After completing her education at the University of Houston, Sonia spent the past few years in the Oil & Gas and Wedding Industry balancing several projects and its Senior Executives and Stakeholders from start to finish. Her dedication to enriching an organization’s drive for excellence and growth directed her talents to a high-performance environment. She is enthusiastic to utilize her extensive skillset and positivity to support the Foundation Automotive Team as it continues to grow and expand to new heights.
Outside of her role, Sonia enjoys coffee, spending time with her husband, cooking delicious and healthy food, and working out.

“It’s so important to look closely at the job description and make sure you are matching your skills accordingly. It’s not always the candidates with the most experience in the industry we hire. Take the skills you’ve gained from prior positions and make that applicable for the job you’re applying for and why you’d excel in that role.”

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