Foundation Automotive Team

Leah Webb

VP of Marketing
Throughout her career, Leah has been a noteworthy marketing leader in the automotive industry. She brings 8+ years of marketing experience to Foundation Automotive, spanning digital marketing, traditional advertising, brand recognition and customer experience.  Leah has a rare and diverse combination of marketing/sales skills and expertise, including building brands to increase revenue growth; and connect people to the brand story both internally and externally.  She continues to successfully provide brand strategy, marketing strategy and thought leadership for leading brands.
Leah is a Houston native who earned a degree in marketing from Aurora University, Aurora, IL. She has love of adventure and travel, and has even hiked a section of the Pacific Crest Trail!  In her spare time, you’ll find her by the beach or hiking a mountain peak.

“It’s so important to look closely at the job description and make sure you are matching your skills accordingly. It’s not always the candidates with the most experience in the industry we hire. Take the skills you’ve gained from prior positions and make that applicable for the job you’re applying for and why you’d excel in that role.”

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