Foundation Automotive Team

Justin Pomeroy

VP of Fixed Operation & Income Development
Providing a memorable and exceptional experience to millions of people is Justin’s calling. He thrives off supporting and growing those around him to do more and be better than they ever thought possible, while creating a contagious culture his team wants to be a part of. Justin’s responsibility after coming on with Foundation Automotive in 2020 is the training and development of fixed operations employees, recruiting, and overall fixed operations improvement to provide a seamless experience and developing life long customers. 
After 9 years in law enforcement in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (GEAUX TIGAHS!!!) serving his community, he made the leap into the automotive service industry in 2015 and never looked back. He has had stewardship over two highly successful service drives in the Houston market over the past five years and was part of a team who won the Triple Crown and Presidents Award three years consecutively.

“Take something from everyone, try to soak up every piece of knowledge from everyone you cross paths with. Don’t think there’s only one way to do something. Never burn a bridge and stay humble in everything that you do. Ultimately you need to take care of yourself first. Make sure your health and family come first, when everything at home is taken care of you can be the best version of yourself.”

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