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Chris Shearer

VP of Pre-Owned
Chris Shearer has a unique blend of automotive experience in dealerships and indirect lending. He has over 25 years retail experience in both franchise dealerships and independent used car operations. He has held General Manager positions in both private cap and publicly traded dealer groups, including The Ganley Auto Group and AutoNation.  In addition, Chris has owned 2 successful used vehicle dealerships.
Chris’ indirect lending experience was as a Director with industry leading lender, Credit Acceptance.  Driving performance and culture with both Dealer Partners and team members using his retail dealership experience.
Prior to coming to Foundation Auto, Chris was Vice President of Sales for CARite. CARite is a national, branded used vehicle dealer group founded by Don Foss. In this role, he was responsible for operations in 27 rooftops across the country. 
Chris’ diverse experience, success in used vehicle operations, and culture driving approach will help our dealerships maximize their used vehicle opportunities and profit. 

“Foundation is an excellent place to begin an automotive career because we have all the resources, tools, and training opportunities to get employees on the right path. All they need to do is embrace the training and coaching, and be open-minded to absorb it all and put the work in. I truly believe we have more tools available to be successful in automotive than most companies, if not all.”

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