Foundation Automotive Team

Brittany Shearer

Corporate Controller
Brittany joined the Foundation Automotive team in September 2019 as the Corporate Controller.
With over 20 years in the auto industry, Brittany has extensive experience in automotive financial reporting and specializes in finding opportunities for improved profitability and efficiencies while upholding the highest ethical standards.
Before joining Foundation, Brittany worked for Hendrick Automotive Group, Fletcher Jones Automotive Group, and ADESA.

“At Foundation we have a created a culture of coaching and mentoring. We don’t always hire the person with the most experience, instead we hire the person that fits our culture, that we can mold into an automotive superstar! If you are driven, and seek out the right mentors, your success can never be capped. I think Foundation does an amazing job of investing in our team members so they can eventually take on larger roles in the corporation. Foundation is not just a job, we try to bring people on who want to have a career with us, and that is evident from the top all the way down.”

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